Friday, 20 January, 2017

The Laboratory of Piracy 2 .0

On the 2nd of February Red Points would like to invite you to the second edition of "The Laboratory of Piracy", organised by ourselves and the Law Faculty at the Universidad Internacional de Catalunya. We will be debating the issue of online piracy with a range of respected individuals from the world of politics, culture, Law, entertainment and professionals working in the industry currently.

Piracy Laboratory 2.0

This is the second edition of the Piracy Laboratory organised by Red Points and

UIC Barcelona. There will be a debate about piracy on the internet with prominent personalities from the world of culture, politics and entertainment, influencers, intellectuals and renowned professionals.

Thursday, 2 February

Place: Aula Magna, Barcelona Campus

Timetable: From 4.00 pm to 7.15 pm.

The registration is free. Limited places.

Opening round table with:
— Elvira Tejada de la Fuente. Special Coordinating Prosecutor for IT Crime
— Alejandro Touriño. Partner-Director at ECIJA-Madrid, and Head of the Information Technology Area
— Samuel Molina “Fukuy”, youtuber and videogames creator..
 José Manuel Tourné, General Director of the Antipiracy Federation.
— Josep Jover, lawyer and former candidate for the Pirate Party.
— Jorge Navarro, criminal lawyer. Partner of Molins & Silva, Defensa Penal. 
— Josep Coll, Red Points Anti-Piracy Solution founder.
— David Maeztu, lawyer specializing in Internet Law, intellectual property and technology. Partner of Abanlex.
— Montserrat Nebrera, professor of Constitutional Law at UIC Barcelona, writer and tertullian.
— David Escamilla, a journalist for RNE (the Spanish National Radio). Specialist in internet content positioning. Musician.
— David López, CEO of Producciones Vikingas.

— Víctor Domingo, President of the Association of Internet Users.
— Manuel Martínez Ribas, lawyer specializing in intellectual property and information technologies. Partner of ID Law Partners. 
End of event by:
— Santi Vila i Vicente, the minister of Culture of the Government of Catalonia.

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