Wednesday, 15 February, 2017

Celebrity lookalikes on social media

Nowadays celebrities are the example to follow for thousands of fans who would give everything to have a life like that of their favorite actress or singer. This urge has led some people to fall into imitation, and while for some this is simply a way of flattery, for others it has become a way of living.

Back In 1968 Andy Warhol uttered a phrase that would make sense many decades later: "In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes". Indeed, more than 40 years after his famous quote, it seems that this prediction has not only been fulfilled, but has become a way of life pursued by many.


Warhol´s phrase was later shortened to the well-known expression 15 minutes of fame, which basically refers to a short period of time in which a person or event gains publicity or celebrity status quickly. Despite being something ephemeral, fame is something that has always drawn people’s attention and in today’s society this has acquired a greater weight. It seems everyone wants to be famous. Why? Because being famous is synonymous with being successful.


For those who are not yet stars a quick way to gain attention is to try to look like one, and while this may seem like a lame strategy, according to The Daily Mail it has actually worked out for some people who, after realizing their resemblance to some celebrities, are actually making an effort to be like them, copying everything from their style and makeup to their poses and expressions.


Taylor Swift, Zayn Malik and Katy Perry are just a few of the celebrities who have famous doubles, so similar that have even managed to amass thousands of followers in social media and have become nearly as popular as them. And is not only a matter of people mistaking them for the real stars, some of them are actually getting paid to endorse different products through their profiles.  


Their uncanny similarity to their famous counterparts has allowed lookalikes to become celebrities themselves, boosting not only their social platforms, but also their careers and bank accounts. This has led many to make this their full-time job and actually live a life not too different than that of the real celebrities.


Thanks to Internet we now live in a world without borders, always connected and within reach of any news. This, coupled with the boom of social media, has allowed the rise of a new celebrity culture, driven by people’s interest for celebrities' personal lives. This has provided a new opportunity for these doppelgangers who profit from their resemblance to famous people.


Whether this way of making a living will work on the long term is difficult to say, at the moment it's the road to the fame that many people seek, at the expense of others.

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