About us

How was Deletenow.online created?

Deletenow.online was created by the RED POINTS group www.redpoints.com. Red Points have years of technical expertise and experience in brand protection in the corporate world, DeleteNow.online offered Red Points the chance to transfer this knowledge and offer it to individuals.
There was a clear need from individuals, professionals and small companies to protect their intellectual property and image rights; our market research found that most of these groups desired to exert the same control as large companies by removing illegal or harmful content online.
In response to this Red Points was able to scale down their technology and develop a tool specifically to protect people and companies for small scale, one time infringements. Deletenow.online has become the perfect alternative for lengthy court cases with low success rates, in the removal of illegal content.

DeleteNow.online allows anyone from anywhere in the world, without prior registration or commitment, to request the removal of content that is violating their rights online. The core philosophy of the tool is success based fees. DeleteNow.online guarantees that if the technology or the team are unable to remove the content then the client will receive a full refund. 
DeleteNow.online already has clients in the United States, all over Europe and South America.

The most common infringement cases are the removal of pictures or videos, fake profiles on social media or copyrighted content. Also, given the lack of protection that mainly small and medium-sized companies have when launching their products or services on the Internet, there is also the possibility of removing counterfeit products, misuse of the brand or mobile apps that violate the brand’s rights.

What are the values and goals of deletenow.online?

Deletenow.online was created with the goal to provide any person or medium and small-sized company with the opportunity and the tools to be able to remove illegal content online. We want to democratize content protection, giving universal access to the removal of illegal content online, and facilitate what we understand as a right, that any person or company can act quickly regarding illegal content on the Internet. www.deletenow.online

About Red Points

Red Points is a tech company specialized in the protection of digital assets and brands that market online.

Red Points sells all over the world and also has offices in the United Kingdom, Italy and Mexico. In 2015 Red Points won the XXI Entrepreneur Award from La Caixa and the Ministry of Industry and Development in the TIC sector in the ‘Creces’ category. 

Now, in 2016, one of the most important Business schools in Europe —ESADE Alumni and Banc Sabadell— have recognized Red Points’ continued success with the Best Start Up Of The Year Award.

The key to their success lies in the MAGDA technology, which removes more than 83,000 pieces of illegal content a month and is growing 20% monthly. The technology operates at 98% efficiency, removing almost every incident detected.

Among their clients are some of the main national and international editorial and audiovisual groups. Brand protection clients include well-known brands, sport entities and top-level athletes, as well as celebrities from the film and music industry. www.redpoints.com