Urgent removal service Fast, efficient and economic removal of illegal content on the Internet

Do you need to remove content online that’s damaging to your brand?
We can protect your brand, Intellectual property or image rights.

Select the type of content you need to remove that is damaging your name, image or your brand and remove it introducing the URL or link where it is located from €97/ $105/ £69 and paying only for content removed.
We’ll refund your money in full if the content can’t be removed.
You can request the removal of several pieces of content in the same order.

We require your data in order to process the removal:

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Necessary Customer identification: Take a photo of your ID or Passport (Note: We can not perform the service without crediting your identification due to the danger of the identity substitution)
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp pdf doc docx ods gz jar rar tar zip.
We require the reason why you want to remove it:
I am the author or the exclusive copyright owner of the work or content that has been reproduced without my authorisation on the reported link
Me, or as a legal guardian of a minor, my image appears on the reported picture or video, which has been published without my authorisation. The reported content reproduces my image or the image of the minor under my guardianship, and it has been published without my authorisation.
Denomination or logotype of the trademark
Please mark and refer to the non-authorised personal data to be removed
Attachs ID or Passport
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp pdf doc docx ods gz jar rar tar zip.
Further information to be taken into account (optional)
Link where the content is illegally published

Remember that this service is designed for occasional use.
If you are a company and you need continuous protection, please contact us

How does it work?

In 48 hours we will inform you if we can eliminate that content, if we find we are unable to remove said content we will refund you in full at that time. If initially our system indicates we will be able to remove the item however the item proves to be irremovable, we will refund your payment within a month.



Do you know the most common infringements?

We cover the most frequent infringements.

Trademark infringement

We remove identity theft and online phishing (fake accounts in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, YouTube, mobile apps, websites, etc.).

Suggestions and entries on Google

We can delete results and search suggestions that infringe your rights on Google and other search engines.

Leakage of sensitive content

We proceed quickly, resolutely and effectively before any leakage of information that you may suffer, removing it from the Internet: a private conversation, confidential data about a new product, etc.

Counterfeit product

We remove all those counterfeit goods or fakes on e-commerce and on the Internet sold by third parties.

Intellectual property

We remove any content of your intellectual property, photos, videos, texts, books, songs, etc.